My Essential Tools of Trade

A designer does what he/she is best in not because of her tools, but because of her/his thoughts, ideas and passion! Then why do we need tools, you ask! Because, these tools bring those thoughts and ideas to life.

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100 Days Daily UI Challenge

First starting my career out as a front-end developer and then moving on to becoming a UX Architect, design always took the backseat. And so, I decided to take part in the Daily UI Challenge that everyone has been talking and tweeting about.

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#MobileUX – E-Commerce Navigation

With this article, I'm introducing a new blog post category called #MobileUX. This will consist of articles related to anything and everything UX for mobile.

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#UX – Designing the Search Experience – Excerpt

Search, in the holistic sense, is a complex cognitive activity that integrates information retrieval with higher-level problem-solving activities such as analysis and sensemaking (how people make sense of information). Together, these activities form an iterative loop that underpins the information seeking process....Framing search as a holistic experience helps us understand and interpret broader patterns of behavior and more varied modes of interaction.

#WisdomQuote: Google Loves Mobile Sites!

If you care about Google, make your website mobile friendly!

#WisdomQuote: Design is Important!

When the CEO cares about Design, Progress gets made Fast! - John Maeda

#WisdomQuote: Collaborate!

Collaborate. Communicate. Create.

Designing for Healthcare – Part 1 – User-Centered Design Process

Healthcare is an endlessly growing sector of increasing complexity and costs. Designing for healthcare not only involves dealing with information, but, patients, professional practitioners, caregivers, stakeholders and their experiences.

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Concept Design — Bitcoin Management Application

I've heard a lot about Bitcoin, and actually got an opportunity to use one once when Mailbox mac app beta invites were sent out.

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UX Flow Maps

Since the time I've made a move to User Experience (UX) design role, there are a lot of things I've been playing with. UX flow maps is one of those.

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