I’m sonali agrawal!

A Senior Experience Architect & User Interface Designer

I design high quality applications with focus not only on how it would look (user interface) but also how it would feel and function (user experience). I have a diverse background in designing solutions for small to mid-size corporates, startups, banking organizations, non-profit, healthcare and e-commerce companies.

Experience Design

Designing is more than just drawing beautiful pictures. It’s all about creating a tangible and memorable experience for the user with the brand.

I will not only help design experience for your product but partner with you as your digital strategist and consultant.


Information Architecture
Notification Strategy Plan

Interface Design

“To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse.” – Paul Rand

I will help you visually guide your user by designing your product’s interface and interactive elements.


Visual Comps
UI Styleguide

Interactive Prototypes

To experience a great product, you need to touch and feel every single point of the product.

I will help you get a full experience and flow of your product before it’s built so that you can test it with your users directly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tools I use:


UX Research

A great user experience is empty without data and insights to back it, before and after building your product.

I will be your partner in ongoing and strategic activities of discovery and requirements gathering, exploring the competition, testing and validating concepts/designs and listen to your user’s pain points post product launch.


Competitive Analysis Report
User Testing

Latest project

pebbles of hope – App Redesign

Pebbles of Hope is a United States based 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping premature babies around the world survive and thrive. By leveraging the power of media, technology and community to provide education and training to parents, birth attendants, and community health workers, they are working to give premature babies born in underserved areas an increased chance at survival and the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

Planning an Effective Notification Strategy

As part of my UX (Experience Design) process when working on mobile design projects, I like to provide a list of deliverables.

Be ready – Amazon is ready to take over your closet!

Wait…Didn’t Amazon just buy Whole Foods yesterday? And today they announce the launch of Prime Wardrobe?

Small Update: Portfolio Page

Finally, I have my portfolio page up and running.

Mirr.io for Sketch – First Impressions

With a plethora of tools online, its actually getting harder to decide which one to stick with in the long-term.

Personal Diary – Summer Holidays

Its summer in Texas, well, not officially until June 20th, but for me, as a mom, it starts the day my kid gets out of school for summer vacation. Every year, the thought of my kid's summer holidays drives me crazy. It's a good break for the child, no doubt, but when...


Cheryl Chotrani, Pebbles of Hope

“Sonali is an extremely talented and gifted UI/UX designer and an expert problem solver. She worked with me on the creation of a mobile app for a nonprofit I founded called Pebbles of Hope. The app will allow parents of premature babies to submit questions to experts for guidance related to their baby’s care. Sonali was able to organize all the required features into beautifully crafted designs and maintained a keen eye on the user experience throughout the entire process. She is creative, reliable and jumps into all of her projects with passion, dedication and enthusiasm. She is always willing to share her ideas and works tirelessly to find the best design solution to optimize the user experience. Best of all, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Sonali and would gladly work with her again on any project.

DeAndre & Sona Nixon, iN Education, Inc.

“When Sonali joined our IT team we didn’t know what a great UX designer she was! She immediately took the charge of every project she was involved in; she had done her research and came up with a creative ways on how to improve our website(s) and how to get the work done. Sonali is a great graphic designer, UX developer and we have also discovered her secret passion for writing! We love new look of our website http://zealousness.org/. Our main company website http://ineducationonline.org/ has currently undergone new facelift thanks to Sonali as well!

Sonali, thank you for sharing your talent with us! Keep up the great work you are doing.”

Tim Drees, America for Animals

“Sonali really helped the Humane Eating Project app not only with excellent design work but also on the execution side by focusing on clear objectives and working to break through blockers and focusing on a successful outcome.”

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