It’s almost the end of 2016! Can’t believe this year flew by too fast like all the previous years. In 11 days, we’ll be entering 2017. 

As we rush into the new year, I’d like to take a moment and reflect back at the memories of the current year.

2016 has been truly a great and busy year for me and my family. We were blessed with our second baby girl, Shanaya (pronounced Shania); our elder daughter turned 10 (big double digit); we moved into our new two story house; bought a new car (yes, a minivan); my parents, brother and sister-in-law visited us in the summer; I started a new venture on digital transformation for non-profits (For a Cause); got quite a few UX/UI design projects for non-profits (web + mobile) and I recently joined a startup. Phew, that was quite a big list!

With all these things going on, how can I not think about refreshing my website, which honestly, has been collecting dust since February, 2016! Hence, time for changes.

  • New logo (not a major edit I would say)
  • New tagline
  • More colors
  • A completely new website for providing services to non-profits

A major refresh to the website for sure, and my focus will definitely be on lot more writing, knowledge sharing and portfolio. Yes, that’s one major area where I need to work on real hard.

That’s pretty much it for this year. I shall see you all in 2017 with new stories and lot more other stuff. Stay tuned, and a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!