Its summer in Texas, well, not officially until June 20th, but for me, as a mom, it starts the day my kid gets out of school for summer vacation.

Every year, the thought of my kid’s summer holidays drives me crazy. It’s a good break for the child, no doubt, but when you have a child that just can’t stay at home doing nothing, is definitely something to think about.

For the previous years, summer camps, short trips to India (my home country) or having parents visiting from India made it easier to not worry about where to drop the kid off during the vacations. But this year is a little different, since I’ve moved to freelancing full-time, which means, I stay at home with my kids.

It’s exciting in its own way, since I get to be with my kid, hear her stories, play outdoors with her, go on walks, and a lot more, but keeping an empty mind busy is a tough job.

So, for this year, I’ve decided to get my kid into programming, starting off with HTML, CSS and then JavaScript. It’s said that at this age (4+ years), kids can learn pretty much grasp anything and everything quickly as compared to adults, be it swimming, tennis, basketball, biking, etc. And now that my daughter will enter middle school, learning the basics of web programming would be for the best.

Let’s see how it goes, but so far, she definitely has shown some good progress by starting to experiment with HTML on her own with the help of “HTML5 Foundations” I’ve kept in my library for so many years.

HTML5 Foundations