I was reading an article on how Toyota’s latest concept car is using AI to understand a person’s driving habits, and that just struck me.

I hear everyone talking about how AI is going to take our jobs completely. Well, that is partially true. AI has helped automate a few jobs, especially in the manufacturing industry where manual labor can be so intensive, but, honestly, it cannot take over ‘people’s job’!

What is AI? According to textbooks, “Artificial Intelligence is defined as a science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans”. Perfect, makes total sense. But, does that mean taking up humans job altogether? Really?

Humans are complex. The biggest feature a human has is the brain, which consists of all sorts of emotions (anger, happy, sad, etc.), feelings, and most important, intelligence. Humans built machines, the technology, that we now talk about taking us over. Seems like a mere fiction movie to me. I’m not an anti-AI person, but when I think hard, it seems we are taking AI in completely wrong sense.

In the medical sector, AI is not taking over, but helping Doctors with knowledge management on cures, diseases, etc. For lawyers, again knowledge management. Cooking sector, I don’t think anybody has thought about it?

I am a UX Designer, and my job is to solve problems with a product. How would I do that? By analyzing, sketching a solution, prototyping, testing and developing. In between, there are many important steps that take place. Empathy being one. At every step of the process in UX, I have to understand what users would like to do, how they feel when they take a certain action etc. Can AI understand that? Maybe to a certain level, but can it take over my job? No! It’ll have to get deep inside the brains of the users to understand their emotions.

We talk about chatbots, Alexa, Siri, Google Home. What is the AI part in them? One is text based, and others are voiced based, backed by data. Data is what makes a machine intelligent and hence, my case in point, AI’s job is to help us, not take over what we do! With time, AI will become smart by learning how users use a product and that’s going to be beneficial to us as makers. How? Gathering data and making it readily available. Analyzing the data manually takes time, and AI can help us deal with it perfectly.


With every technological shift, people have feared about machines taking over, where in fact, the shift has created more jobs! We need to understand the difference between helping and taking over and in my opinion, it’s a combination of both human intelligence and AI. After all, AI is just an extension of our own intellect, isn’t it?