Wait…Didn’t Amazon just buy Whole Foods yesterday? And today, they announce the launch of Prime Wardrobe?

Looks like Amazon is all set to rule the world! It’s the hub of shopping! I mean, just look at their footer for once! Do we need to say anything? It’s just insane, but pretty amazing!

Amazon Footer

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Currently in beta, Prime Wardrobe is a concept pretty (not exactly) similar to Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, where you order clothes and if you don’t like them, you can send them back within seven days! If you decide to keep certain items, you can get anywhere from 10%-15% discount on returns, which doesn’t seem so bad.

What does this mean for other services and retailers?

In my honest opinion, it does mean a lot. Especially when we know retail isn’t doing as good as it used to at one point of time. It is tough to say anything so soon, since the service hasn’t even launched publicly, but, I am sure, a lot of the retailers and services like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, FiveFour, etc., might be in their boardrooms discussing about this.

Will I try it out?

Personally, I haven’t used Amazon for buying clothes, seriously, I have never. Since couple of years now, I’ve been using Stitch Fix for my fashion needs (which is on need basis, not monthly), and I am very happy with it. The excitement of not knowing what I am going to get, is fun!

Now, with Prime Wardrobe, I am my own stylist, which could be good or bad depending on my taste and knowledge of fashion (which is not so good). Considering that it’s free for Prime members (which I truly am), I might actually give it a shot. So, stay tuned for another post on that soon, hopefully!