CuDerm Corporation

Over the past 20 years CuDerm has developed a unique line of inexpensive, compact, and easy-to-use skin testers. From universities and hospitals to R&D labs of top cosmetic and skin care companies, CuDerm’s testers are the established standard for skin assessment. SEBUTAPE®, D-SQUAME® and REPLICA™ help customers determine their skin’s oiliness, dryness and texture.

At CuDerm Corporation, I wore different hats all the time. From a project manager, frontend developer, designer to photographer, there was always a new and exciting challenge everyday.

My Role

Frontend Developer
Product Designer
UI/UX Designer
Project Manager


Product Design – Tester Shapes, Marketing material and Tester Die-lines for manufacturing

Concept Design – Skin Testing iPad App

UI/UX Design, Information Architecture