London Fireworks

Happy New Year!

Wishing all my friends, family and readers a very very Happy New Year!

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Goodbye 2016

Refresh 2017

It's almost the end of 2016! Can't believe this year flew by too fast like all the previous years. In 11 days, we'll be entering 2017. 

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Design Tools

My Essential Tools of Trade

A designer does what he/she is best in not because of her tools, but because of her/his thoughts, ideas and passion! Then why do we need tools, you ask! Because, these tools bring those thoughts and ideas to life.

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Fitbit Surge

#Ordered: Fitbit Surge

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Welcome 2015

2014 had been a busy year for me. A lot of things happened last year.

I had surgery in my right hand wrist because of which, I had to get off of work for almost 2 months. Who would have known a small fall could cause Triangular Fibrocartilage (TFCC) tear. Anyhow, I recovered well, thanks to the surgery and physiotherapy.

Soon after recovering, I joined NantHealth as a UX Architect. I've been here for 4 months now and really enjoying my time doing wireframes, sketches, creating sitemaps, etc. Finally, my goals are flowing in the right direction as I've always wanted to do designing more than development.

Beginning from today, I hope to continue writing my experiences and share my knowledge in the field of UX and UI design and development through this blog. Until next post, Ciao!!

The Disappearance Act...

I've been gone away from my blog for more than a month now, and I feel so guilty about that. But, priorities are priorities.

Some really cool and exciting things have happened at my end, which I would love to share with the re-start of blogging! It's been a month since I've been working with ClarusHealth Solutions as a UX Developer. Definitely a great opportunity and I am getting to learn a lot, like, working in an agile environment, in a team, having SCRUM meeting every morning, project estimations, etc. I could go on and on...

On the personal development front, I have been learning JavaScript seriously, with the help of Treehouse and Codecademy. I have also taken the initiative to learn PhoneGap and Sass. My goal is to get done with learning by the end of 2013 and by the mid of year 2014, ship out a cross-platform app.

With full dedication, hard work and commitment, I just hope that 2014 will be "The Year" for me.

Blog is Live!

Finally, it's happened. My blog is live! It took me almost 6 months after redesigning my website to finally make this blog happen. Why did it take so long? Well, I know it might sound like an excuse, but, with a full-time job, that required a daily commute of 2 hours and family, it just got a little tough maintaining my own website. I guess, I lost the creative touch for a year and a half.

Now that the blog is here and me gone back to freelancing, I have promised myself to keep my blog up to date. I intend to share my past and present experiences with new things that I've been learning and doing, including the biggest of all..."GOOGLE GLASS". Yes...I am a Google Glass explorer and more on that in the next post..Stay Tuned!!

P.S.: This blog is still a WIP, so please pardon any glitches.